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With many years of experience we can deliver the best apps and websites in all platforms

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How we work

  • 1° Contact us and tell us what you need
  • 2° We exange about the details of the product (product = app and/or website)
  • 3° We tell you about the time needed to build the product and its cost (can be free depending your business)
  • 4° We present you a layout of the product
  • 4° We modify the layout until you are satisfied
  • 6° We start building the product
  • 7° At each step of the building process we show you what the product looks like . Then we exange about the modifications you want us to do before continuing the building process
  • 8° We handle the product hosting (i.e. domaine name, servers, applications store, ...) (Can be done at an earlier stage)
  • 9° We publish the product at a given date of your choice
  • 10° You pay us
  • 11° We maintain the product

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